GEOevent – a new app based teambuilding activity

Imagine an advanced quiz with positions placed over an area or city. Along with your team, you'll get around to find as many positions as possible and collect points. You only need an ipad provided by the Public Event and you orient yourself using the map in the app. With our unique and newly developed app, GEOevent orients you around the area where the positions are placed and you also get pushnotiser and clues right in the ipad. The positions can contain physical challenges with active stations or group elements where you together perform a task with the app's built-in camera. It can be questions in text or through video elements eg. From the CEO of your company and much much more. You will also receive a bag of props that can come in a good fit during the competition. If you wish to receive a touch of your company or the theme of your conference, this can be integrated among the questions. The teams compete against each other and it is not always the closest position that is the best, different positions give different number of points.

GEOevent can be developed by adding live stations. You can choose to make a drink stop during the activity. Why not try gin with Mr GT, Sweden's largest gin & tonic-bloggers who tell me more about the Tonic's importance for the drink? Here you get the chance to taste and guess the difference between ginsorter. Mr GT is like one of the positions excellent on the map of the area and you answer the questions regarding gin inside the app just like any other position.

If you want to combine the competition with a caterad lunch or more physical competitions, this will of course be arranged.

  • Teambuilding, team competition, general education, health care
  • 10-500 people (minimum 10 people)
  • 1-4 hours (May customised)
  • Offered throughout Sweden
  • 249:-/pp VAT
  • Travel expenses will be added
To think of
  • Walking shoes