Do you want a professional actor that stitches your whole conference together? Then the Public event is absolutely right for you.

We put together a package based on your wishes and take care of everything so that you can have such a good experience and fruitful conference as possible. From hotels, transport, activities to lectures, entertainment, dinners. All that needs to be booked, ordered and arranged we solve for you.

Why not conference in the Boathouse our own room, just next to Marstrands Havshotell. Are you in need of a room for your conference, family celebrations, dinner for someone who fills evenly or just a mingle party. You may even want to cook dinner together under the supervision of our professional chef. Why not use our room which is directly connected to the jetty in Marstrand Fiskhamn.

The boathouse is located directly on the jetty with sea views. It has two floors and access to the fully equipped kitchen which is ideal for joint cooking or cooking competitions.

If you wish to rent a boathouse for your event, it is of course possible to arrange.

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