Public Event

Public event is an event company based at Seglarmetropolen Marstrand, about 45 min north of Gothenburg. We are specialists on the West Coast and have focused on kick-offs, conferences, meetings, activities and experiences. Therefore, we offer to take care of all your company's events during the year, large and small.

We who run the Public Event are born and bred at Marstrand and have worked with events and corporate events for several years. Together we work to meet the customer's wishes and needs in the absolute best way. For us, no task is too difficult.

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Specialised in the Swedish west coast

Dennis Kollberg


Founder of Public Event with large network and customer contacts within the restaurant and a number of other industries. Educated, international purchasing economist and alumnus from the Gothenburg School of Economics. An entrepreneur from an entrepreneurial family who has run his own for many years. Expert in fishing and good at preparing what is stuck on the hook. Idea Sprayer and high powered that always makes it a little extra for the customer.
+ 46 (0) 735-30 26 54

More from Frida Dahlberg


Van project manager who has arranged events for several years, both privately and professionally. Bachelor of Science in sociology, musical artist education from Stockholm Base Academy and a diploma in wedding Coordinator. Experience in media production with major TV productions such as the sports gala, Let's Dance, all building and others. Great dedication and customer focus makes almost everything possible.
+ 46 (0) 735-42 01 48