GEOevent – a Appbaserad teambuildingaktivitet

GEOevent is a digital quiz. With positions placed over an area, you take the teams around to find as many positions as possible and thus accumulate points. You only need an ipad provided by the Public Event and you orient yourself using the map in the app. The positions can contain physical challenges where you together perform a task, shoot/film and upload directly in the app. It can also be questions that are answered in text form, image or video recordings. You will also get with your props that can come in handy during the competition. If you wish to integrate your own questions about your particular company or the theme of your conference, this is of course to be arranged.

GEOevent can be developed by adding live stations. For example, you can Choose to make a beverage stop during the activity. Why not try gin with Mr. GT, Sweden's largest Gin & Tonic blogger. Learn open oysters or peel shrimps on time.

Do you want to combine the competition with more physical competitions or perhaps a ribbtur. Ask us and we will tell you more and put together a tailored concept.

  • Teambuilding, team competition, general education, health care
  • 10-500 people (minimum 10 people)
  • 1-4 hours (May customised)
  • Offered throughout Sweden
  • Regular price 249 SEK/person
  • Over 120 persons SEK 229/person
  • Over 150 persons SEK 195/person
  • Over 200 persons SEK 185/person
  • Over 250 persons SEK 165/person
  • Over 300 persons SEK 150/person
  • VAT and Travel expenses will be added
To think of
  • Walking shoes